Friday, November 30, 2007

You'll shoot your eye out....

My printer can scan negatives, which is pretty cool.  I found a roll of 35 mm in my dad's old camera bag.  There are many hilarious pictures that I could post, but I think this is most fitting since we are right in the middle of the Holiday season.

The top picture is of my Dad and brother circa 1983.  Jordan is so stiff and bundled up that I immediately thought of the Christmas Story and Ralphie's brother Randy (bottom pic).  If you haven't seen this movie then you'll have appx. 5,873 chances to watch it in the next month.  

My four favorite things about this picture are:

1)  My Dad's sweet jacket
2)  My Dad's sweet haircut
3)  My Dad's sweet glasses
4)  The shadow across my Dad's.....oh wait, is it?.....Yep, that's a mustache.

Love ya Pops.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I got to spend some time with my grandpa over Thanksgiving.  His name is Joseph Aaron Jackson, but we call him Papa.  He's now retired from the Amarillo Fire Department.  I was really excited to get some shots of him with his old helmet.

He also had a lawn care business that he would run on his off days.  For my first job, he would pick me and my brother up at 7 a.m. and we would help him mow all day.  I was paid with Toot 'N Totum cokes and candy bars, but I didn't care because it was awesome.  He recently got a tattoo of a guy mowing on his head.  Does your grandpa have that?  Didn't think so.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Every photographer has a blog.  Whether they are good or terrible, professional or amateur, young or old, they post their stuff online in the form of a blog.  So, since I'm aspiring to be a good young professional photographer, I need a blog right?  Right.  And if I happen to turn into a terrible old amateur photographer, at least the world will get to see it...